73 “Angel Hugs”









Last Saturday was finally the highly anticipated day for painting scarves for chemo patients. With the help of wonderful volunteers, who did not get a moments rest, we were able to get 73 silk scarves painted. This enormous project could only have been accomplished by many coming together for a common cause.

We got to experience a whole range of emotions, from laughter to tears, from joy to sadness, from fear and frustration to conquering the fear and experiencing what it means to “Let go, let God”.

I am sitting here looking at pictures of every single person and their scarf and I feel at awe, humbled and overjoyed by what these scarves will mean to the chemo patients. Thank you. And here are all the scarves😀


AH 5 Rich Smith AH 1 AH 2 AH 3 AH 4 Barb Clinnin AH 6  Kristi Hershberger AH 7  Blake Hershberger AH 8 Minnie Baumhoer AH 9 Ethan Hershberger AH 10  Jodi Powell AH 11  Sandy Jones AH 12  Judy Peters AH 13 Michelle Howard AH 14  Mary Jo Huff AH 15 Connie Schnapf AH 16 Jill Kincaid AH 17 Emma Sinclair AH 18  Haddie Purdue AH 19  Jan Sissone AH 20  Phyllis Keller AH 21  Jackie Grady AH 22 Mary Grady AH 23 Lauren Grady AH 24  Paul Keller AH 25  Andy Featherstone AH 26   2 Tammy Featherstone AH 26  Tammy Featherstone AH 27 Curt Meisling AH 28 Laura Kalna AH 29 Scott Keller AH 30  Janet Keller AH 31 Dave Keller AH 32  Jessie Eichenberger AH 33   Brooke Ashby AH 34 Denice Seibert AH 35  Michele Paris AH 36  Lindsey Paris AH 37  Ian Barron AH 38  Joel Slaby AH 39 Linda Miller AH 40  Austin Miller AH 41 Janice Jillson AH 42  Kathy Dassel AH 43  Helen Cunningham AH 44  Mary Jo Riley AH 45  Morgan Johns AH 46  Deann Johns AH 47  Theresa (Tiki) Mullis AH 48  Sarah Mullis AH 49 Judy Mason AH 50  Linda Gray AH 51 Paige Kneubuhler AH 52  Erin Purdue AH 53  Anni Purdue 1 AH 54  Sara Purdue AH 55  Robert Wedding AH 56  Erin Meyer AH 57  Mary Joyce Heathcott AH 58   Pam Wessel AH 59  Lydia Wessel AH 60  Catherine Wessel AH 61  Brenda Hartz AH 62  Ashley Hartz AH 63  Angie Sash AH 64  Cyndi Kramer AH 65  Eva Kramer AH 66  Clare Kramer AH 67  Mary Greulich AH 68   Eli Kramer AH 70  Judy Louthan AH 71  Brooke Louthan AH 72  Rachel Sash AH 73  Adam Hurm IMG_6250 IMG_6257 IMG_6261 IMG_6295 IMG_6296

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