Odyssey at Stevenson High School

P1000292February 10th I had the privilege to work with students at Stevenson High School during the Odyssey 2016. Every two years, Stevenson suspends its regular school day to offer a world class fine arts festival. 160 artist get to share their skills and talents with the student body of Stevenson High.Hands-on workshops, presentations, and performances in Dance, Media, Music, Theater, Visual Arts and much more are offered.

I had the opportunity to share silk painting during 3 workshops with over 20 students each. We created 8×8″ silk paintings which were ironed on to paper once finished. Engaging with students is something I truly enjoy and these workshops were no different. I had video taped a tutorial for this day and our son Joshua edited and enhanced it for me. .This was a great aid as each group was rather large. So, taking full advantage of the technical advantages provided by the school, I was able to run the tutorial on the large screen in the room – easy for all to see. While listening to calming music in the background, the students were given control over the silk only by the amount of dye/water on  their brushes. The rest was an interaction between the student and the silk. Some were surprised by the reaction of the silk, some quickly figured out how to keep it under control, some couldn’t care less and just went for the joy of spreading dye, some became intimidated because the silk did not react the way they thought it would. But in the end, 70 beautiful, individual silk pieces had been created. Each was different, each left an imprint of the students personality, and students left with smiles on their faces.

I think it was a successful day.


This year is off to a wonderful start. Finally, I can say “Yes, I do sell my scarves online.” Two weeks ago I received the acceptance email from Corielle Heath to the “liftUPlift Maker Alliance”. LiftUPlift was launched last September and is an online market for women-owned businesses from all over the globe. Since then I have been busy taking photos of my inventory and learning to navigate liftUPlift . You can already take a peak at my store but more will come.

Silk Workshops in Mendocino, CA

I had the good fortune to be able to attend two workshops by Susan Louise Moyer at the Medocino Center for the Arts in California. The area is beautiful. The succulents, the sky, the sunrise and sunsets – the surroundings invite creativity. At times it was an overload for my senses. Thankfully there was silk painting to get some of the overload out into the open.

Susan taught us about Resistad the first 3 days. This opened up a whole new avenue for me – oh the possibilities for future silk painting adventures. The second workshop was about Dyecolour Painting. Nothing at all what I expected yet so much more what I learned. The week flew by and before I knew it I was back home. Now, my ongoing struggles continues – making time for silk painting. We shall see. My next big goal is to get my own gallery showing somewhere. Who knows when and where but a girl can dream. Until then, I shall paint and create and use everything I have learned from life, from the workshops, and from my family. Here are a few photos from Mendocino.
IMG_20150926_174502_543 IMG_20150926_183216_688 IMG_20150930_165619_509 IMG_20150929_165141_528 IMG_20150927_165135_231 IMG_20150929_164552_382 IMG_20150926_183316_700

Stephenson High School Odyssey 2016

Odyssey 2016001 My son’s highschool has every two years and “Odyssey”. For two days Stephenson High brings in artists and performers to work with students in large or small groups. The workshops and performances will be held February 9th and 10th in 2016. I am happy to report that I was accepted to participate and will give 3 workshops to groups of 25 students each. To simplify things (I only have 50 minutes with each group) i will give them a choice of 5 simple shapes. We will paint a small simple painting to get the feel for how dyes and silk work with and against one another. The painting will then be mounted on cardboard stock for student to frame at a later time.

CLC Robert T. Wright Gallery

I am excited to report the my silk painting “Eyes Upon You” has been juried into the “35th Annual Recent Works” exhibit at the Robert T. Wright Gallery in Grays Lake. From 150 Artist 35 were chosen to display one or two pieces of art work. The exhibit opened last Friday, October 9th and will end November 15th.

Historic Newburgh Wine, Arts & Jazz Festival

Historic Newburgh Wine, Arts & Jazz Festival                  May 16th, 2015

Historic Newburgh Wine, Arts & Jazz Festival
May 16th, 2015

Come and see me, chat with me, and check my website. I will be selling scarves and paintings, I will take orders, and I will be selling T-shirts for “Project Angel Hugs” which provides scarves for patients undergoing chemo therapy. Have a fantastic weekend rain or shine:)